Arena AchievementsRank Achievements
Win streak 1Arena Top 10
Win streak 2Arena Top 25
Win streak 3Arena Top 50


Card AchievementsSummoning Achievements
Card collection 1Summon master 1
Card collection 2Summon master 2
Card collection 3Summon master 3
Card Collection IVHeroic summon
Card Collection V
Boss Achievements
Boss Collection I
Boss Collection II
Boss Collection III
Boss Collection IV


Enhancing AchievementsDonkey Achievements
Max enhanceGolden Arse II
Max evolveGolden Arse III
Donkey Achievements
Grey Mule IIBrown Donkey II
Grey Mule IIIBrown Donkey III


City AchievementsCollection Achievements
Save avalonAvalon collection
Save glastonburyGlastonbury collection
Save broceliandeBroceliand collection
Save TintagelTintagel Collection
Save LyonesseLyonesse Collection
Southport Collection


Level AchievementsDeck Achievements
Level 50Deck Rank S
Level 60Deck Rank SS
Level 70Deck Rank SSS
Level 80
Level 90
Level 100


Great Waste1 Luck Point
* Achieved by evolving a 5-star world boss card to Tier 4 and feeding it.

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