King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries AD. The details of Arthur's story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and his historical existence is debated and disputed by modern historians. The sparse historical background of Arthur is gleaned from various sources, including the Annales Cambriae, the Historia Brittonum, and the writings of Gildas. Arthur's name also occurs in early poetic sources such as Y Gododdin.


Combos Edit

BoldandtheBeautiful Bold and the Beautiful : Chance to Stun enemy team. Three time per battle.

Bloodlines Bloodlines : Passive - Increase Healing Effectiveness by 75% & Increase Skill proc by 10% & Reflect 35% damage.

PennyRoyalty Penny Royalty : Passive - Increase ATK by 200% & Skill Proc by 20%.

Sphere of Safety1 Sphere of Safety : Passive - Increase Healing Effectiveness by 100% & reduce damage by 40%

Excalibur Excalibur : Passive - increace ATK by 100% & Skill Proc by 12% & prevent 25% Damage.

PendragonsLegacy Pendragon's Legacy: Passive - Increase ATK by 275% & Skill Proc by 10%.

LifesWish Life's Wish: Passive - Increase ATK, Max HP, & Healing Effectiveness by 100%.

NobleStrength Noble Strength: Passive - Increase Healing Effectiveness by 180% & Skill Proc by 8%.

TwoFaces Two Faces: Passive - Reflect 35% damage.

TenuousAlliance Tenuous Alliance: Passive - Increase Max HP by 100% & Healing Effectiveness by 150%. Reflect 15% damage.

CastThroughTime Cast through Time: Chance to revive with 100% HP upon death.


Note : See Evolution Methods for clarification of Evolves

Evolve Tier 1 LV 70 (HP-ATK) Tier 2 LV 80 (HP-ATK) Tier 3 Lv 90 (HP-ATK) Tier 4 Lv 110 (HP-ATK)
8 Card Perfect 37400 / 8836 - - -

4 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP-ATK)
Speed -
Enhanced Speed -
Efficient -

5 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP-ATK)
T3 PE + T1 Max -
T3 Max + T2 PE -

6 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP-ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Perfect -
Sub Max -
Perfect T3 - T4 Overleveled -

7 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP-ATK)
T3 PE + T3 Max 231855-54774

8 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP-ATK)
Enhanced Speed
Sub Max

Photo GalleryEdit

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