Name Class Mana Skill Skill Formulae (X*hp or X*atk) Proc Rate 8 Card PE HP 8 Card PE ATK
Arthur Pendragon Camelot 25 Heal Team -2rds Limit: 1x ~210% 240210 56745
Arthur Pendragon-0
Ghula Djinn Demon 21 Lower Party ATK 175% 169439 58670
WIP Roundup 2+Image-large
Igraine Camelot 23 Heal Team -3rds Limit: 1x 225% 213300 56020
WIP Roundup 2+Image-large
King Pellinore Camelot 27 Reduce ATK/Silence team
WIP Roundup 2+Image-large
Maelgwn Pendragon Camelot 28 Damage Party -3rds 221669 74367
Mordred Demon 26 Greatly Increase Party ATK -3rds ~250% 186693 63805
Ryjm Djinn Demon 25 Damage party/Silence 175%
WIP Roundup 2+Image-large
Uther Pendragon Camelot 27 Greatly Damage Party/Stun Party Limit: 2x 150% ~5% 229315 73630

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