Remove HP combos are a chance per attack to proc ability for one time only. The amount removed is added to the normal team's ATK value. Essentially acting like another Increase ATK combo and therefore mitigated by reduced damage combos. Not as valuable as HP and ATK passive combos in arena but have a little more value (if proc'd) during a boss fight (since they do not mitigate damage).

Remove 20% or More HP

Fury of the Skies Geomancers Magicians Marksmen TranscendentWrath Wyrm Duo

Remove 40% or More HP

BeyondRedemption BurstDamage Elite Casters Fire Flurry FlameStrike Frozen Terrors Raw Firepower SpiritAssault ThundersFury StrengthOfWill

Remove 60% or More HP

Bruisers Dark Arts Hooded Terrors InnerCircle

Remove 80% or More HP

BlackRiders Fire Breathing Heavy Cavalry NecroParty PetFamiliars

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