Ryjm is a Dark Djinn. He is free to do whatever he wants, but he is way less powerful than a wish Djinn. However, he is a master of illusion and shapeshifting with great physical strength and endurance, only weak to Light summons and Hellfire.

He is more of a nasty joker than a threatening evil demon, but it´s better to avoid him in bad mood...


WishOfTheFallen Wish of the Fallen :Passive - Increase Skill Proc by 15%

DiabolicCraving Diabolic Craving : Chance to Prevent 50% damage & Reflect 25% damage

GloomSowers Gloom Sowers: Passive - Decrease Enemy Skill Proc by 10%.

LifesWish Life's Wish: Passive - Increase ATK, Max HP, & Healing Effectiveness by 100%.

OrderOfAmbition Order of Ambition: Increase Healing Effectiveness by 175% & ATK by 175%.

DiabolicResovle Diabolic Resolve: Passive - Increase Skill Proc by 10% & reflect 45% damage.

NightmareSowers Nightmare Sowers: Reduce enemy party Skill Proc by 8%.

Conjuring Conjuring: Passive - Increase ATK & HP by 175%.


Note : See Evolution Methods for clarification of Evolves

Evolve Tier 1 LV 70 (HP/ATK) Tier 2 LV 80 (HP/ATK) Tier 3 Lv 90 (HP/ATK) Tier 4 Lv 110 (HP/ATK)
8 Card Perfect - - - -

4 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Speed -
Enhanced Speed -
Efficient -

5 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T1 Max -
T3 Max + T2 PE -

6 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Perfect -
Sub Max -

7 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T3 Max -

8 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed -
Sub Max -

Photo GalleryEdit

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