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The last battle between Heavens and the evil Gattkarr ended at last with the demon again burning in Hellfire, but he left a nice surprise for the end... some time later, the Archangels Vambrael and Hope fell corrupted into the dark side!

And then, the grim Vambrael Fallen and the nightmarish Despair began a mad quest to destroy and replace their Archons, merging Heavens and Hell under their tyrannic rule!

Will they succeed? Will they ever regain their goodwill and might?


Syphon Spirit : Drain HP from enemy team & recover 50% HP of the damage as HP.

(Unofficial) Skill calculated as: 200% * (current HP) = Damage

Proc = ?


Eternal Evil Eternal Evil : Raise Max HP 200% & Max ATK by 100%.

InfernalCovenant Infernal Covenant : Passive - Reflected 50% damage & increase Max ATK by 50%.

TheJuiceIsLoose The Juice is Loose : 20% chance to instantly kill enemy team.

UnholyConclave Unholy Conclave : Passive - Increase Max HP by 250% & Prevent 50% damage & Reflect 50% damage.

LordsOfShadow Lords of Shadow : Passive - Reflect 45% damage and Increase ATK by 150%

WishOfTheFallen Wish of the Fallen :Passive - Increase Skill Proc by 15%

ThrongOfTheSlain Throng of the Slain: Passive - Increase Max HP by 200% & reflect 25% damage.

TheNightBefore The Night Before: Chance to instantly kill enemy team.

DeathFromAbove2 Death from Above: Chance to instantly kill enemy team.


Note : See Evolution Methods for clarification of Evolves

Evolve Tier 1 LV 60 (HP/ATK) Tier 2 LV 70 (HP/ATK) Tier 3 Lv 80 (HP/ATK) Tier 4 Lv 100 (HP/ATK)
8 Card Perfect / / / /
Evolve Tier 1 LV 62 (HP/ATK) Tier 2 LV 72 (HP/ATK) Tier 3 Lv 82 (HP/ATK) Tier 4 Lv 102 (HP/ATK)
Over-Leveled 8 Card Perfect (2 Levels) 38783/8514 66169/15685 90490/22467 151720/36284

4 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Speed /
Enhanced Speed /
Efficient (all Tiers Over-Leveled 2 Level) 131444/30838

5 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T1 Max /
T3 Max + T2 PE (All Tiers OL 2 lvl) 140684/33257

6 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed /
Sub Perfect /
Sub Max /
Perfect T3 / T4 Overleveled /

7 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
T3 PE + T3 Max( overlevelled 2 levels) 148895/35545

8 Card EvolveEdit

Tier 4 only (HP/ATK)
Enhanced Speed /
Sub Max /

Photo GalleryEdit

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